Data Backup Services

We understand that not only a corporate needs regular back up! Every system or every single one of your personal file is as valuable to you as a corporate file is valuable to the company! That is the reason we provide you not only microsoft office support, but also we help you backup your devices to a local device, or to the cloud, or get you a hybrid backup! Backups could be scheduled in regular time intervals while you don’t have to work on your system! Just call our microsoft tech support team and get your files secure!
Local device backup is where our team of experts export your files to an external device that you could connect to your computer!

Cloud backup is where our microsoft tech support team saves your data to a secure server on the internet, which can be accessed at any time. Cloud backup can be expanded or downgraded depending on the amount of data you need to save.

A hybrid backup is when you have large files to backed up and don’t wanna waste gigabits of data! We use hybrid backup where the local device is combined to the cloud storage!
Call us on our number! Get your files secure! Anywhere, anytime!