Windows Data Backup or Data Restore

Windows data backup or data restore files on your computer is extremely important. This is essentially safeguarding your data that has been created and stored on your system. A full backup and restoration utility has been provided by Microsoft for Windows 7. If you require immediate help with Windows, you can always call the support team who will provide you with a quick resolution to your issue. For the windows data recovery and backup you will first have to execute the backing up facility:

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel
  • You will find ‘System and Security’ – click on it
  • Then choose ‘Backup and Restore’

Windows Data Backup or Data Restore

The above steps should help you launch your Backup and Restore Utility tool. Once the program has been launched you will have to choose a storage location where you can put your backup files. Windows will not let you choose the main hard drive as the backup drive. You will require an external hard drive that has to be plugged into your computer. Once plugged in you can click on ‘Refresh’ for it to be displayed on the computer’s screen. You can now go ahead and choose the drive that you wish to store your backup on.

Identify what you want to backup, once you have chosen the drive. You can also allow the Windows default selection to choose the backups for you by clicking on ‘Let Windows choose (recommended). If at this point, you are not able to identify the steps that you have to take to continue with the backup process, you can get some help with Windows from the backend Microsoft support team. If you have completed all the steps successfully then click on ‘Save Settings and run backup’ to finish the process.

Restoration of backed up files is a very simple process. Launch the ‘Backup and Restore’ utility tool and click on ‘Restore my files’ and then ‘Browse for folders’ to get all your data back. You can reach out for any help with Windows at or 1-888-308-2550.