Steps to Configure Outlook in Android Phone:

The default email client over POP3 in android phones may not always cooperate with the outlook services automatically. It may have to be setup manually configure Outlook in Android phone.

To set it up manually, you have to know the correct mail server settings to manually setup the email. For any help you can always contact Outlook Assistance for a clarification. All you have to do is:

  • Open the default Android email app
  • Select ‘Add’ to add a new account
    configure outlook in android
  • The screen will automatically prompt you to setup the email immediately
  • Enter your Outlook email address and password
  • Click on ‘Next’ and select POP3 account
  • After this step you can easily configure your Outgoing and Incoming server settings.
  • Ensure that the settings for both are the same (the username and password should be similar).
  • The email app can now be configured to check for new messages once you have input all the values in the Outgoing and Incoming servers. Set a timer for periodic checkups for incoming email.
  • You may also want to indicate a nickname, which will be seen by the people you send emails to. Use the Exchange ActiveSync to sync the outlook emails. You can be notified when you receive a new email.

People enjoy the convenience of reading their emails on their hand-held devices. In case you require any help get in touch with Outlook Assistance via +1-888-308-2550 for fast and precise resolutions of your difficulties. Also visit us