Connect to XBOX Live

When you are on the lookout for exciting social entertainment network in the world, there is nothing that beats the Xbox live! Being the online service for Xbox One, get ready to experience the hottest games, live events, the Xbox HD movies and TV shows! And that’s not it! Tune into your favorite music, and sports, along with premier entertainment apps, Microsoft Edge, and Skype on your TV, making the streaming experience larger than ever! If you want to connect to Xbox live, follow the given steps.

connect to xbox live

And then, there is the Xbox Live Gold account membership. If you are getting this membership, you will be granted access to Games with Gold and free games for both the versions Xbox One and Xbox 360. The much talked about deals for Gold for Xbox One is a hitting a new high, that is generous with discounts for its members.

Being quite the advanced gaming levels for multiplayer, Xbox Live Gold is awesome than ever before! The Xbox Live Gold membership also covers Xbox 360 and Xbox One. So, if you’re already an Xbox Live Gold member, you are sure to have a good time!

Know what you can do on Xbox Live subscription:

  • Enjoy the unlimited online multiplayer games which can be played with friends irrespective of location
  • Download Xbox One games
  • Get the exclusive member deals and previews
  • Stream your favorite movies and TV
  • Watch sports with ESPN, NFL, and other sports apps, which will be continually added to Xbox One
  • Use your phone or tablet as a second screen alternative for an enhanced experience

How do I connect my Xbox One console to Xbox Live?

You can use wired or wireless connection for connecting your console to Xbox Live

For the fastest and reliable way to connect to Xbox live, choose a wired connection for Xbox live. Use a network cable to connect your Xbox One console to a router or modem. These are the requirements you need for such connection.

  • router, gateway, or modem
  • network cable
  • good speed Internet connection

You can also use the wireless network connection for connecting your Xbox One console to Xbox Live. All you require is a good speed internet connection for having a great streaming experience.

Once you are into XboxLive Gold membership, you can take advantage of Gold sharing on their home Xbox. There is splendid game content that can be purchased from the store with the subscription id.

If you getting issues on connecting the Xbox One Console to Xbox Live You can contact our Microsoft Customer Support via +1-888-308-2550 and visit us