Facing Outlook display issues? The Outlook support tells you what to do!

Have you ever felt you have reached the dead end after trying various techniques to get the display issue solved In Microsoft outlook? Don’t lose hope! Read this article from outlook support to help you troubleshoot display issues with outlook!

Microsoft-Outlook display-issues

Hardware Graphics Acceleration.

This one should be looked at right away! Since the machine deals with graphic and distorted menu issues, it is important to check the box to disable “Hardware graphic accelerations” as specified by outlook support.

If you need to know how to uncheck this option, open outlook and click the  File. Choose options under file.

And then scroll down to Advanced and select the box to “Disable hardware graphics acceleration”This should mostly fix the problem with distorted and messy ribbon and fonts.

For Using Registry Editor

  • Press Windows Key + R combination, and then type regedit in Run dialog box. Hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.
  • In the left pane, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common
  • Make a subkey to Commonby right click over it and select New -> Key. this subkey is actually the Graphics. Select New -> DWORD Value to create a new DWORD in the right pane of Graphics subkey
  • Name the newly created DWORD as Disable Hardware Acceleration.
  • Change the Value datafrom 0 to 1.To get the effect of changes Close the Registry Editor and reboot the machine.

Follow these steps to remove the display issues faced with Microsoft outlook. Contact the Outlook support +1-888-308-2550 for further assistance and visit us microsoft-customersupport.com