Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform that is commonly used for developing, testing and deploying software applications managed by Microsoft data centers. There are over 600 services supported on this platform, which can be broadly categorized into the following,

  1. Computer services
  2. Mobile services
  3. Storage services
  4. Data management
  5. Messaging
  6. Media services
  7. CDN
  8. Developer
  9. Management
  10. Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure

Computer services

The services that fall under this category are,

  • Virtual machines – allows users to launch Windows and Linux virtual machines
  • App services – easy to publish and manage websites
  • Websites – supports ASP.NET, Python, Node.js, and PHP which is uploaded via the user portal
  • WebJobs – this helps in background processing of applications

Mobile services

The Microsoft Azure services that come under this category include,

  • Mobile Engagement – it is responsible for sending push notifications to users
  • HockeyApp–this is used commonly for beta testing of mobile applications

Storage services

  • The services coming under this category are,
  • Storage services –used for storing and accessing data from cloud storage services
  • Table service – useful for database storages that make use of partition key and primary key
  • Blob service – takes care of the security features of cloud services
  • Queue service – asynchronous communications between different programs is taken care of here
  • File service – SMB protocol and REST API are used for storing and accessing data from cloud services

Data management

Microsoft Azure services under this category are,

  • Azure search – SDK API and REST are used for text searches
  • DocumentDB – database service used on JSON documents with a SQL SELECT query
  • Redis Cache – this is nothing but an implementation of Redis
  • StorSimple – communications between the cloud services and the devices on premises is taken here by this service
  • SQL Database – it is used to create and extend the applications to a cloud storage
  • SQL Data Warehouse – high capacity and data-intensive data warehousing service
  • Azure Data Lake – data storage whose memory can be measured that runs parallel queries of great lengths


  • Event Hubs – used to track information from mobile devices such as location, etc..
  • Queues – unidirectional bus for communications between the app and the receiver
  • Topics – makes use of a subscriber pattern and is unidirectional
  • Relays – does not store messages but allows bi-directional communications between apps and receivers

Media services

  • A Paas – useful for protecting and streaming data over a network


This Azure service is used for delivery of content such as

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Applications
  • Images

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