Microsoft Exchange

The Microsoft exchange account is an email address provided to users in a school or at a workplace. If you are given an Exchange account, it means that the organization that gave you the account has an IT department that runs the Exchange server in the back end. The server runs on windows server exclusively and is a mail and calendar server.

Microsoft Exchange

What is your server name?

  • People who assign you with the exchange account will give a name to your exchange server.
  • To know your exchange server name enquire the person who gave you the Microsoft account email address.
  • The Auto discover feature available on your mobile device will find the name of your MS Exchange server and will configure Microsoft Outlook for you.
  • It uses your domain name for your email address to find the exchange server.
  • In case the ‘Auto discover’ fails, you will be asked for the name of the exchange server.
  • If that happens then there is a problem with your account and you should contact the person or organization that gave you the email address.
  • The organization or the person will provide you with the exchange server name and you can set up the Microsoft outlook.

How does the Microsoft Exchange account work?

  • The business exchange server saves your email which you have sent using your Microsoft exchange Email address.
  • It saves your contacts and calendar also.
  • If an organization sets up the Exchange server then they decide the method your Microsoft exchange account uses to access your email on the server.

Note: you can ask your organization to tell you how your Microsoft exchange account is set up.

The following are the possible methods of Microsoft account exchange setup

  • Exchange ActiveSync; MAPI/HTTP: To access your Email from a laptop, mobile or tablet these are the methods used for accessing your Exchange emails.
  • IMAP: this is the direct way of reading your emails from the server without downloading it from any device. All your inbox, deleted emails, sent items are synchronized between your device and server. But it does not support calendar collaboration with other users.
  • POP: the email is downloaded to your device from the Exchange server, and after that, it will be deleted from the server. You should use the same device to check for the downloaded emails.

Cache Mode:

  • Working offline is otherwise called as a Cached mode.
  • You can access your email even if you are not connected to the Exchange server.
  • In an offline outlook data file (.ost) all copies of your emails and calendar data are stored.
  • You don’t have to back up your file as you can re-create offline outlook data file (.ost)on your computer as the data remains on your business Exchange server.
  • The Offline outlook data file(.ost) can be accessed only the outlook profile that created it on your computer.

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