Microsoft Office Issues After the Window Updates

Windows update can be set to download and install all the recommended updates automatically. With this action, any vulnerabilities in Microsoft office and word are quickly fixed. It is always good to make sure that your Windows is constantly updated to fix any software problems that you might encounter. Once the updates are installed, you can restart the computer to let the updates take effect. In case you are not able to find the appropriate updates or are not able to automatically set Windows update, call the back-end team to get help with Microsoft office and word. If you facing any Microsoft Office issues after the Window updates, follow the given steps.

Some of the following methods can be adopted to troubleshoot problems with Word after updates:

  • Insert the document into another file – you have to leave the final paragraph mark behind
  1. Click on ‘New’ and then ‘Blank Document’ under the ‘File’ menu
  2. Click on ‘Object’ in the ‘Text’ group under the ‘Insert’ tab
  3. Then select ‘Text from file’ and choose the file that you want to open
  4. Click on ‘Insert
  1. Use the troubleshooting tool – this tool prevents any global templates and add-ins from being loaded automatically
    1. In the ‘Search’ box type ‘Run
    2. Type winword/a and press enter
      Microsoft Office Issues After the Window Updates
  2. The Word Data Registry subkey can be deleted – the word data registry subkey holds the frequently used options in word.
    1. Close all office programs
    2. In the ‘Search’ box type ‘regedit’ and press enter
    3. Locate the appropriate registry subkey for your version of the Word
    4. Click on ‘Data’ and then on ‘File
    5. In the ‘File’ menu click on ‘Export
    6. Save the file to the desktop after renaming it as ‘Wddata.reg’
    7. Exit the registry and start word again

The above are snippets of troubleshooting methodologies, which usually work when executed. But if you are still facing problems, it is best to get help from the Microsoft office and word support team via +1-888-308-2550 and visit us