How To Create Microsoft OneDrive Account?

If you have a personal computer with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Xbox, etc. then you would have come across the term Microsoft OneDrive.  If you don’t know much about OneDrive then this blog will help you to do so.

Microsoft onedrive

What isOneDrive?

OneDrive is a service offered by Microsoft to everyone who has a Microsoft account for free. It is a “cloud” for storing files. Microsoft OneDrive offers a simple storage and share the files feature. Xbox One, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and windows mobile users use OneDrive to store their data such as themes, system settings, app settings, and internet explorer history and saved data.

The files that are saved in OneDrive can directly be accessed from an internet explorer or if using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you can directly operate from the OS. There are Apps for windows to access OneDrive

Storage space of Microsoft OneDrive:

OneDrive offers 5GB of memory for free. If you want get more memory space then you can do the following

  • If you share Microsoft OneDrive with your friends you can get up to 10GB free OneDrive storage.
  • Microsoft OneDrive might offer you free space if you subscribe to any one of their services available.
  • If you buy any of their products you might get some free OneDrive space.

The following will help you to know the ways of getting memory space for your OneDrive

  • Office 365 subscriptions: If you have subscribed for the office 365 you will get a terabyte of memory storage for free.
  • Surface bonus: You might get up to 200GB free storage if you buy Microsoft surface.
  • Enthusiastic bonus: If you own a windows phone or signed up to various Microsoft services like Skype or because of Bing Reward points.
  • Referral bonus: If you refer a member to OneDrive you get 500MB of free storage for every member. You can refer up to 10 people making 5GB of memory in total.
  • Pay for extra storage: OneDrive basic 50 GB costs around $1.99/ month. 

How to access OneDrive:

  • To access it independently you can use a web browser.
  • Go to OneDrive website and sign in with your Microsoft login credentials.

Note: If you do not have a Microsoft account, check “creating a Microsoft account below”.

Creating a Microsoft account:

The following steps will help you create a Microsoft account with which you can access OneDrive

  • Visit Microsoft account sign up page and click on “No Account”.
  • Fill the form with your information.
  • Create a password for yourself.

You can choose how you sign up by clicking on use your Email instead or use a phone number instead or Get a new Email address links.

Microsoft OneDrive is an amazing feature. It allows you to use the storage space without any hustle. For Microsoft assistant call our toll-free number at +1-888-308-2550 or visit us at