Microsoft Portal

Office 365 users can avail of a free upgrade to the Microsoft Portal online. It comes with a new and improved interface with a capability to seamlessly integrate with CRMs besides providing access to productive tools and information.

Microsoft portal

Features of the portal

  • In the HOMESCREEN that appears once you log into your Microsoft account, you can see numerous tabs
  • Each tab is associated with a specific function
  • Select the relevant tab to perform an action on your portal
    • Select the OUTLOOK tab to access your email associated with this account
      • You can also setup more than one email address in Outlook
      • The web app looks similar to the Outlook 2013 desktop version
      • Select the appropriate email address to access the account specific to it
    • CALENDAR tab edits your appointments
    • PEOPLE tab helps you access your contacts
    • The NEWSFEED option allows to you to follow and post updates within your organization
      • The posts or questions updated by you can be seen by everyone across your organization
    • Select the SKYDRIVE tab to access your SkyDrive account
      • It is a free personal cloud storage that is a part of every Microsoft account. Access to this from the Microsoft portal makes it easy to save filed for later use
      • The SkyDrive account also has a local folder on your desktop
      • Once you save a file to desktop folder, the file is automatically uploaded to your SkyDrive cloud storage
    • Select the SITE tab to access your team site
      • It is a SharePoint site where you can store and access official documents
      • Save documents from your desktop directly to the team site with the help of the SITE menu
      • These saved documents can be downloaded and edited using any one of the Office tools


  • Any user who signs up for an Office 365 account can access the Portal online
  • This is applicable for users even if it is a trial version
  • For existing Office 365 users, Microsoft will automatically upgrade users to this portal free of cost

Upgrading Office 365 to the Microsoft Portal is definitely an advantage for users who wish to leverage more out of the application. In case of any impediments, feel free to call us at +1-888-308-2550 or visit us at