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For organizations looking for project management solutions, the Microsoft Project software is apt for enterprises, and is a great technique for project scheduling. It is an excellent tool that can be used by project managers to assign tasks and track progress. With project budgeting features added, this comes as very handy tool for project managers to estimate project life costs. Every financial aspect can be analyzed by these project managers, which will help you estimate the performance of their projects, and help in increasing the productivity for project managers.

microsoft project

There are interactive dashboards with good reporting functionalities, which is ideal for the preparation of good and insightful reports. Gantt charts help you reduce time and simplify planning processes of projects.

Microsoft project also has options for both the on-premise as well as the cloud facility, which can help the project managers collaborate with team members effectively.

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Being a tool for excellent planning, collaboration and team communication for team members, the Microsoft Project 2013 brings vast benefits for project teams, with good handling of client and web applications. With such advantages brought in with planning tools, you can also use the project online, which is a cloud based service as opposed to traditional software installation.

The Project and SharePoint has been well integrated by Microsoft, which is a big advantage for the user’s working area “my site.” From the MySite, you can view the time sheets for attendance, performance, as well as the project progress graph. This project work is more of a centralized communication and management tool. This tool is also useful in planning your project work via timeline display.

How to optimize the workflow maintenance and also bring in access for new users?

You can use the SharePoint like an idea pooling center and also generate the projects through the import option. Workflows can be made possible on a SharePoint and Server basis, as it greatly simplifies the workflow maintenance for administrators.

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