Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Rewards and the concept to promote their products. Rewards will be credited for each search you perform with Microsoft. Users prefer using the Rewards for purchasing their favorite Microsoft Products

Microsoft rewards

Search for the Microsoft Products on your Browser and Excellent Rewards will be credited. You can start gaining the rewards for them to be eventually transformed to Currencies

  • If you have gained Rewards of around 5000, it will be automatically converted to currencies. The amount will be transferred to the respective Microsoft account
  • The previous Xbox Live rewards has been changed to Microsoft rewards
  • The Microsoft Reward points increase if you search for Microsoft products using your web browser
  • You can score maximum points of up to 100 by browsing from your Smartphone or tablets
  • Points can be scored by participating in various Bing offers.

Attend the quiz available and you can score the points easily

  • If you are new to Microsoft rewards, you will be limited to Level 1 till you gain maximum points of around 500 in a month
  • Start using the Microsoft Rewards to grab Excellent Gift cards from Amazon
  • If you are an Android user, it is suggested to change the default chrome settings from the apps settings menu
  • Go to settings >Safari and then tap into the search engine for choosing the Bing
  • Browse the Microsoft Edge browser and you can grab around 5 points per hour for active browsing

Take a quick tour of the rewards and you can gain around 50 points

  • The Microsoft Rewards extension is available and you can use it for searching the point balance, Track the points that are earned each day, check the points you require and a few more
  • Start scoring maximum points and you will be provided with excellent gift vouchers
  • Xbox gold subscription of three months can grab you points of around 15000
  • Microsoft rewards have been recently introduced in Canada and have been expanded gradually to the places like Australia and UK

Start grabbing the Maximum points and the respective points will be automatically changed to currencies. The currencies are then transferred to the Microsoft account

To know more about Microsoft Rewards, you can either visit our website or start dialing the toll-free number +1-888-308-2550. Our skilled techies are available 24/7 to assist you throughout