Microsoft Surface book installation of Updates

The Microsoft Surface book is one of the latest releases from Microsoft. It comes with highly sophisticated features that enable users to get their chores done at unimaginable speeds. Microsoft recommends regular software updates for best performance.

Microsoft Surface Book

Tips for using the MS Surface Book:

  • When opting for a software update, always keep your Surface Book plugged into an electrical power source
  • Never turn off or unplug the device while the update is still running
  • Connect devices such as a Typing cover or a docking station before you begin any updates
  • This way you will not face any compatibility issues later on
  • Always make use of a Wi-Fi connection for such updates; these updates cannot happen via a mobile broadband network as it is a metered connection
  • If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, then change the settings in your mobile network
  • This can be done be turning off the SET AS METERED CONNECTION option

Once all these precautions have been taken care of, you can begin updating the Microsoft Surface book with the latest software versions. Windows updates are automatically downloaded and installed on your device.

  • When the updates have been installed, you will be required to restart your system for the changes to be effected in your system
  • To do a system restart, go to the START menu and select the RESTART option by selecting the POWER button
  • This process should be repeated for all updates

Note: After you have selected the RESTART button and if you were to PowerOff the system, the relevant updates will not be effective (even after you REBOOT the system again)

  • If the update has failed, you must make another attempt to complete the process

When you are not prompted for an automatic update on your system, you can download the updated file manually.

  • Access the support site for the device
  • Search for the drivers and firmware for the Microsoft Surface book
  • When you find the relevant file, download it
  • Right click on the downloaded file and select the INSTALL option
  • Select the DONE option once the installation is complete
  • The downloaded .msi file is no longer needed and can be deleted
  • Check with Windows update to make sure that the update was successful
  • You can also see a history of other updates that has been done on this device

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