Privacy Policy

You acknowledge that you have understood and agree to abide by all the policies, terms and conditions mentioned on our website We may gather personal information and other user related information which may be used or disclosed at the time when necessary.

Data Collection

We collect information from the users only for the purpose of providing relevant assistance to the users. Account activations, purchase transactions may require our associates to collect personal information from the users including contact information. This process is necessary to conduct our business in a smooth manner. We may collect data for one or more of the following reasons;

Personal information

Personal information such as the users’ name, address, contact details, email and other details may be obtained from the users. The data collected is strictly for assisting the users in providing our services and will remain confidential at any point in time.

Payment credentials

We may collect account information and authentication information while making purchase transactions. All information collected by us in this regard will remain confidential.

Device and Network Information

Information regarding the technical specifications and network details of the users’ Microsoft devices will be obtained to render the relevant services. Other hardware and digital information may also be necessary in certain cases.

Reports on errors and issues

It is necessary for users to provide us with relevant error messages pertaining to their Microsoft devices. Based on the error messages, our executives may decide upon the severity of the issue and may provide then users with corresponding remedies.

Information about user location

It may be necessary to provide location information of the users. Our associates will use this information to give appropriate solutions to the users’ issues.


We may store cookies on your local desktop or laptop. This will only be used to analyze the issues related to your queries and provide users with a better service.


The main aim of the website is to provide its users with information to troubleshoot issues related to Microsoft. In this course, we may be required to collect personal and confidential information from the users. This information will remain confidential and we hold all the rights to collect and save such details. However, when there is a breach of the code of conduct by any of the users as mentioned in our terms and conditions, we may be forced to disclose the above said confidential information to the respective legal authorities.