Outlook Errors Detection

Most of the time you are faced with errors detected in your outlook, and if you are facing one now, here’s what you can do. Outlook Tech Support gets Outlook errors detection and clear.

If the Microsoft Outlook Data File (.pst and .ost) has trouble opening, it may be due to the damage caused to the file. In such a case, use Inbox Repair tool (SCANPST.EXE).

Outlook Errors Detection

By using this repair tool, you can check if the files are damaged. This is how you repair a .PST file. These steps as prescribed by Outlook Tech Support are pretty easy and simple.

  • Browse to C:\Program Files or
  • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)
  • Type SCANPST.EXE.In the Search box
  • Open SCANPST.EXE and enter the name of the file for the tool to check
  • If there are errors found, the repair tool will fix it.

Other Outlook folders

The default outlook folders are contained in the folder pane called Recovered Personal Folders. Mostly it is found empty, as the repair tool recreates the files. The Lost and Found folder contain all folders and items that are recovered by the repair tool, and which cannot be placed in their original structure by outlook. Creating a new file is not an issue as Outlook new data file can easily be created with the lost and found items.

Recreating an offline Data file is easy, as certain account types like the Microsoft Exchange Server tend to use Outlook Data file. Being a copy of information saved on your mail server, this file can easily be created and recreated. Follow these steps as given by Outlook Tech Support and get these clarified in no time.

  • Open Control Panel, and type mail from the Search Control Panel box,
  • Choose Email Accounts from the Mail Setup dialog box

Contact the Outlook Tech Support team through 1-888-308-2550 or www.microsoft-customersupport.com for any assistance that you may require.