Fix Windows Live Mail Error 0x800CCC0B

Windows live mail is the application that allows you to access all email accounts in a single window. The application can be downloaded at free of cost and the users can even move and organize messages in a single click. Windows live mail is available in different languages and also allows you to create and edit picture messages.

Windows live mail error 0x800CCC0B

Sometimes users may face error codes while using windows live mail. These errors are caused due to Windows system file damage and Corrupted files can lead to loss of information for the proper working of the application.

You can now follow the guidelines below to troubleshoot windows live mail error.

Scanning the computer with “Reimage Repair Tool”

  • You can download the Reimage repair tool to scan and remove the system errors which causes windows live mail error.
  • After downloading, double-click the program from the file location and start the installation.
  • The tool will tell you which part of your PC is damaged and repairs your PC to remove the errors causing the windows live mail error.

To overcome live mail error 0x800CCC0B

Windows live mail error 0x800CCC0B is generated when your service provider requires authentication for outgoing and incoming mail

  • You can use a secured username and password for accessing your Windows live mail.
  • Open your windows live mail and click on the “Accounts and network settings”.
  • Now click on the email that gives you an error and clicks on the Properties button.
  • Click on the Servers tab and locate the section of the window that is titled as the Outgoing mail server.
  • You can now check on the tab which is titled as my server requires authentication
  • Log in using the default username and password provided by your service provider
  • You can also choose the Remember password option to overcome the password errors.
  • Click the Ok button on the window after you had entered a secured username and password. You can either use the default user name or password or create a new username and password.
  • Send an email now from your Windows live mail to check if the error code still persists.

If you still find errors, try reconfiguring your email using the correct settings.

The above steps to configure your webmail can overcome live mail errors to a greater extent.

Common windows live mail problems can be resolved by carefully reading the error message and checking the location which it belongs to. You can check your account details, discard your old and unwanted emails to overcome the live mail error 0x800CCC0B. Checking the server configuration of your outlook is the another option to resolve the error code 0x800CCC0B.You can now follow the above guidelines to overcome the windows live mail errors.

If you find any problems in troubleshooting, You can also get support from Microsoft Customer Support through the toll-free number 1-888-308-2550 or visit us at