Xbox Live Chat Support

Xbox live chat support helps you get connected to your best friends. For using, the Xbox live support all you require is an Xbox 360 headset or the kinetic sensor.

Xbox live chat support

  • The initial step is to connect the headset to the Kinetic sensor and then set the online safety settings.
  • Ensure that all your settings are correct before you start using the Xbox live chat support
  • Users with the wired headset can get connected to the controller. If you are using a wireless connector, start connecting it to the console
  • For users with the Kinetic sensor can initially sign in to the Xbox Live.
  • Go to the Controller and then start pressing the Guide button
  • The next step is to choose the chat option and then turn on the Kinetic microphone.

Note: For improving the Xbox live chat support experience, you can calibrate the kinetic sensor for speech and audio. For performing the above action, you can also use the audio tuner located on the kinetic sensor

  • For using the chat with ensured safety, you can go to the settings first and then select the Privacy option
  • Settings > Privacy > Change settings > Customize > Voice and text > Choose the settings either every one or Friends only
  • Choose the required settings and then press the save The settings, which you have chosen, will be automatically saved
  • Both child account and the adult accounts are available for Xbox live. If you are using a child account, then adult account must approve this change
  • Options like those that of the Private chat option is available with the Xbox live chat and the settings are in such a way that you and the other Person can only view the settings. Your Chat will be more secure and personalized. No other users can participate in the chat

Here is how you can set up the private Chat for the Xbox live chat support

  • Sign in to the Xbox Live by connecting it to the Xbox 360 headset or the Kinetic Sensor. You can go to the controller and start pressing the guide button.
  • Choose the Chat option and then select the available Private Chat channel
  • Start entering the gamer tag of the person you want to chat with

To know more on Xbox live chat support and how to use the service, dial our toll-free number +1-888-308-2550 or chat with us at Our skilled techies are available to assist you throughout.